laugh​.​exe (MIXTAPE)

by MS Blaster



German producer Whorltooth has served up his debut Mixtape under his side-project MS Blaster via Dream Disk. This release also marks the announcement of a new sister limb label Trakt-Prosthetik which will make up one side of an upcoming compilation released by Dream Disk, a third volume, marking the third year of the labels existence, curated half by MS Blaster and half by label head Syndrom IX.

Laugh.exe (MIXTAPE) is a virtual audio experience like none other, a grotesque club suspended in a distant post-human future. It is a terrific void of spasmic sonic correlations and crying voices which reach out into the listeners cerebral limits. A major stylistic component of MS Blaster's sonic character is indeed the synthetic vocal processing, masterfully woven into concrete sound design, and subtle club hooks. It is accurately visualized in a small teaser, animated by Syndrom IX, which can be found below. Laugh.exe is certainly less than humorous; it is acutely delirious and uncanny, teetering the ever diminishing precipice of sonic structure.


released August 10, 2017



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